Tips for Creating a Rustic Bathroom

Source: Pexels

Rough finishes, rich textures, and vintage accessories are the staples of a rustic design that exudes character and style. If you’re curious about the design trend, the bathroom is a great place to get a feel for the style and see how it fits into your home.

Restyling your bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank or take all of your time. Here are some ways to add rustic touches to your bathroom and create a new look.

“Rustic bathrooms often feature wooden accents such as distressed metal vanity hardware and drawer pulls, vintage metal dishes, and mason jar bathroom sets.”

Bring on the Wood

Wood is a must for a rustic look. Shutters made from wood have a romantic charm, but you can also get rustic bathroom furniture in teak, maroon-hued mahogany, or rich walnut. Upgrade your current cabinets with rustic brown RTA cabinets, or add an RTA bathroom vanity cabinet.

Farmhouse storage solutions like boxy wooden crates also add to the country appeal of the space while giving you functional storage. If you’re crafty, you can upcycle old farm crates on your own.

Match Your Appliances

Wood is the first step, but it’s not enough to create a rustic look. You should match your tubs, showers, and sinks to the rustic look. A copper sink on a wooden frame is ideal. You could replace your shower and sink with a trough to offset the wood. Vintage claw tubs work well in rustic bathrooms.

If that’s a big undertaking, consider adding smaller details like replacing your mirror with a rattan mirror, vintage mirrors, or vintage paintings. Small changes like this can transform the look of the space.

Add Some Greenery

Nature is a big part of the rustic aesthetic. Bring greenery into the bathroom with tall potted plants or hanging plants with creeping ivy. Potted plants make great accent pieces for your sink, tub edge, or on storage shelves. Also, if your bathroom is mostly earth tones, the greenery will add a nice pop to the space.

Consider Accent Pieces

Don’t neglect your accent pieces for a country look. Rustic bathrooms often feature wooden accents such as distressed metal vanity hardware and drawer pulls, vintage metal dishes, and mason jar bathroom sets.

Farmhouse towel rods and toilet paper holders are a great addition to farmhouse design. These pieces look like part of a barn door with weathered wood, galvanized metal, and traditional barn door handles.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Rustic bathroom lighting should be “less is more.” This trend pays homage to the natural world, so you want softer light that’s not artificial-looking. Swap out your harsh, cool lighting for a soft glow with warm bulbs.

Not all rustic looks are strictly country, however. A beaded chandelier can elevate your design and create pearl-like silhouettes.

Consider a Natural Color Scheme

Natural environments inspire the best color schemes for a rustic design. Distressed wood, soft light, and greenery work best with earth tones like beige, tan, brown, gray, and peach. If you prefer a little more color, rich touches of dusty blue, plum, slate blue, olive green, and burnt orange are nice.

Add a Sliding Barn Door

A sliding barn door with black handles automatically turns your space into a country haven. Barn doors are highly functional and add warmth to a primarily white space. There are a range of options for barn doors, including unfinished wood that resembles an actual barn door, to more upscale and modern options with striking hardware.

Explore Raw Materials

If you’re doing a complete upgrade, replace your current bathroom with raw materials like a stone basin with raw edges, polished plaster walls, and rough terracotta tiles. A ridged ceiling also has a country vibe, especially with brick or stone walls and borders.

Experiment with Shiplap

Shiplap isn’t the most popular design anymore, but it has contemporary upgrades for the new year that can be great in your bathroom. If it suits your home’s architecture, consider adding a shiplap accent wall or on your ceilings. You could also space the shiplap between boards for a more modern look. Board and batten or horizontal slat walls are similar options if they better suit your bathroom.

Mix Modern and Rustic

You don’t have to change your entire bathroom to a matching rustic design. You don’t want your bathroom to look too much like the living space of a cabin. Combining some elements of modern and rustic décor gives the room a farmhouse feel, just an updated one. Consider options like natural wood vanities, a black metal mirror, or lighter wood finishes with white tiles and walls.

Looking to Change Up Your Bathroom?

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