Top 4 Ways to Determine a Cabinet’s Quality

If you are building out a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or mudroom, it can be tempting to go with the cheapest cabinet option. However, this isn’t good for your reputation or your business. 

By finding a reputable cabinet wholesaler, and viewing the cabinets at their showroom, you will be able to determine which wholesale cabinet supplier has quality cabinets at wholesale prices, and which suppliers to avoid. 

Sometimes, the cheapest option will be shoddily built, inexpensive cabinets, but you can find a balance by purchasing wholesale cabinets directly from the supplier to cut down on costs, without sacrificing quality. 


 1. Check For High-Quality Materials

The first thing you should do when you are selecting a cabinet wholesaler is to go look at their showroom in person. Are their cabinets made from high-quality materials? 

Some telltale signs that they don’t cut corners are things like drawer fronts and cabinets made from solid wood, rather than particleboard. You can also look at the door panels to make sure they are not glued down; they should be fitted into grooves on the frame so that they can adjust with humidity and temperature over time without warping or cracking. 

Red flags that you should look out for indicating shoddy work and low-quality materials include:

  • Stapled drawer boxes (often made from cheap particle board)
  • Porous interiors that cannot easily be wiped clean
  • Cheap plastic corner braces. 

While lower quality work often comes with a lower price tag, cabinets that are put together as cheaply as possible will not only look cheap, they will quickly begin to break and fall apart when faced with heavy use. 

2. See If The Cabinets Are Well Constructed

Even when cabinets come from a cabinet wholesaler, they should still be well constructed. Look for signs that the cabinet construction is careful and precise. Things like dovetailed drawer boxes, full cabinet backs instead of alternate back options, and cabinet boxes constructed with real wood support braces or beams. 

Cabinets that are put together quickly, without regard for craftsmanship, tend to use staples or glue, and may not even have full backs. Look for the thickness of wood not only on the front, but also on the side and floor of the cabinets. 

You want the wood all around to be at least a half an inch thick. If the cabinets are not well constructed, they will not stand up to day-to-day use, and will make the entire home look and feel cheaper. 

 3. Look For Superior Hardware

High-quality wholesale cabinets will not have cheap, flimsy hardware. Look for soft-close hinges and door slides, and see if the hinges are adjustable so that they can align to the cabinet correctly. 

Check to see how thick or thin the metal is on each piece of hardware. Drawer slides and hinges are a commonplace to cut corners; if you notice cheap hardware, it reflects on the amount of care and effort that was put into the rest of the cabinet’s construction. 

4. Are There Thoughtful Details?

Are the shelves held up by metal or plastic brackets? Are the front pieces of the cabinets smooth and free from imperfections and marks, such as knots or staining mistakes? 

Look for thoughtful details that show the company cares about quality and isn’t focused on pumping out as many cabinets as quickly as possible. You can quickly pull out a drawer and check to see if it has dovetail construction or is stapled. 

National K&B Cabinetry

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