How To Choose The Perfect Cabinets For Your Kitchen

Cabinets are the backdrop of your kitchen. When choosing the right cabinets for a remodel or new home construction, it is essential to select cabinets that will fit the character, style, and functionality of your kitchen.

Updating kitchen cabinetry can help to define the decorating style you are going for and give the entire kitchen a fresh, new look. 

Decide On Your Cabinet’s Color

First and foremost, you need to choose a color for your cabinets. Lighter cabinets can help a space feel larger, while darker cabinets can add distinctive character to the entire room. Of course, flooring, counter material, and backsplashes will all play a role in choosing how your cabinets look. 

Typically, you want to mix complements and contrasts throughout your kitchen. For instance, lighter cabinets can make darker countertops pop, but pairing light cabinets, light backsplash, and light flooring can make the whole room appear too bright. Try to alternate dark and light colors to make each element add to the overall look of your kitchen.

Not sure how dark or light you want to go? Check out our full range of cabinets for more inspiration!

Pick A Profile 

While color may be the first thing people notice, the overall style of your cabinets will also influence the general aesthetic of your kitchen. The profile of a door is the design of the actual wood on the cabinet itself. 

For instance, our dark chocolate cabinets have more elaborate profiles that add a rich texture to the room. Meanwhile, the simple lines of our shaker white have a clean, simplistic look– perfect for a more modern kitchen.

All of our cabinets are made from solid maple wood, meaning that even more elaborate profiles won’t suffer in quality. Plus, our high-quality wood finish makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Just because the design may be more detailed doesn’t mean your cleaning needs to be!

See Your Choice In-Person

We’ve all fallen in love with how a product looks online only to be disappointed by the final results. While we strive to provide the utmost quality and functionality with our kitchen cabinetry, we understand the importance of seeing different designs in person. If you want to see your chosen design in person, or if you’re having trouble visualizing how your kitchen may look, visit our local showroom to see them in person.

At National K&B Cabinetry, we’re proud to offer a wide range of kitchen cabinet styles, colors, and textures to choose from that will add form and function to your new kitchen. If you’re having trouble picking a style or color, our design experts can help you find exactly what you need to create your desired look.