One Bathroom? Here’s How to Make it Work for Your Family

Create More Usable Bathroom Space
with Custom Cabinetry in Austin

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In a household of four, it’s crucial to maintain order and utilize all the provided space. This couldn’t be more true than it is in the bathroom. With a small space shared between multiple people and minimal room for storage, it is vital to make the most of your bathroom

Here are tips on upgrading a bathroom with more usable space and storage.

Declutter and Organize Cabinets

Cabinets are the primary storage space in the bathroom. With a family of four, cabinets can quickly become crammed full. 

To make the most of the space, regularly declutter your bathroom cabinets. Go ahead and throw away things you don’t use anymore, such as expired products. Consider what is necessary to keep, such as extra towels and extra soap, and get rid of everything else. 

Once cabinets are decluttered, if you find that you still don’t have enough storage, consider adding all wood RTA cabinets. These lovely cabinets add additional usable space and create a feeling of elegance and fashion.

Separate Essentials from Non-Essentials

After sorting through the cabinet, create a storage system. Make certain every necessity has a place.

Store your daily use items in a specific area. For example, toothbrushes, soap, and other toiletries that are used each time someone is in the restroom should be easily accessible, reducing bathroom use time and making the best use of the space.

Non-essential items need a place, too. You can store things like extra towels, cleaning supplies, and first aid kits in a linen closet or a designated area in the bathroom.

Separate Your Toilet and Shower From the Rest of the Bathroom

With a family of four sharing a single bathroom, the space will likely need to be used by more than one person at a time. For this reason, closing off the toilet and shower from the sink with a separate door or divider is recommended, making the bathroom two rooms instead of one.

To further maximize space so that your family of four can more easily share the bathroom, consider adding an additional sink or RTA vanity cabinet so that more than one person can get ready simultaneously.

Set a Time Limit for Long Baths and Shower

Maybe one or two people in your family enjoy a nice, luxurious bath or shower. Still, consider implementing a bathtime time limit to keep things running smoothly and to allow everyone to use the bathroom comfortably and with the privacy they need.

“Since bathrooms are typically both small and shared, it is important to ensure the use of all provided space.”

Utilize Wall Space

Another player here may help you keep your bathroom organized over time: the walls!

Utilize your wall space by limiting non-essential items like décor and installing hooks and towel bars instead. Use space savers like blind corner swing-outs and base cabinet pull-outs. 

You can also add usable space and make it your own with wood cabinet design. Austin single-family homes that have only have one bathroom often need to add additional cabinetry to make the best use of a small space

Durable, Washable, and Presentable 

Lastly, make sure all essentials are both durable and washable. By choosing the right bathroom elements up front, you can always make the bathroom presentable for whoever uses the room after someone else. 

Some tips to make sure your bathroom is always presentable:

  • Having multiple bath rugs instead of one helps ensure a quick replacement when one bath towel needs a quick wash.
  • Obtaining a machine washable shower curtain and liner is a huge timesaver.
  • Having a toilet brush, washcloths, hand rags, and cleaning supplies nearby ensures that you and anyone who visits the bathroom have everything needed to keep the space clean for the next visitor.
  • Upgrade your cabinets to a higher quality material that allows for a sturdy, classic aesthetic even if you’ve just wiped them off quickly before company comes over. These cabinets have the added benefit of offering even more storage space.
  • Make use of delicious-smelling candles and room sprays to dispel any bathroom odors that may linger in order to assure the bathroom is always pleasant for the next person.

Everywhere in your home and especially in your bathroom, the sturdier the material and the easier it is to be washed, the happier the homeowner. 

Make the Use of a Single Bathroom for Your Family of Four 

While a shared bathroom for a family of four can be a challenge, it can be done- and it can be done well! By keeping things organized and decluttered, being considerate of other family members needing the bathroom, and efficiently utilizing space, you can make a shared bathroom work for a large family.

If your family of four is looking to utilize your shared bathroom in the most efficient way possible, National K&B Cabinetry is here to help. Ask us about our RTA bathroom vanity cabinets, solid wood RTA cabinets, and other custom cabinetry in Austin