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How To Care For Kitchen Cabinets

Walk into any kitchen, and the first thing you’re likely to notice is the cabinets. Whether they are good, bad, or ugly. That’s why investing in quality cabinets and maintaining their appearance is always a wise investment of your time and money. As one of the premier cabinet door manufacturers in Austin, we have several tips and tricks for keeping your cabinets looking as good as the day they were installed.

“Investing in quality cabinets and maintaining their appearance is always a wise investment of your time and money.”

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Clean Up Splatters and Spills Right Away

Spills happen – especially in the kitchen! While messes can’t be avoided, they should be addressed quickly to prevent harder-to-clean build-ups or permanent damage. We recommend using a damp cloth to immediately wipe up spills and splatters with warm water and mild dish soap.

The hard truth is that moisture and food products can stain and ruin your cabinets, even if you install the nicest kitchen cabinets that Austin offers. Make it a habit to clean up splatters and spills at least once daily.

Glass Cabinets

Keep an ammonia-free glass cleaner in your kitchen if any cabinets have a glass front. This kind of cleaner will keep the glass parts of your cabinets streak-free and prevent smudges. Try using a coffee filter instead of a rag to eliminate streaks further – it works! 

Quarterly Deep Clean

Beyond the daily cleaning of spills and splatters, we highly recommend a deeper cleaning every quarter or seasonally. Remove everything from inside the cabinet and give it a thorough wipe-down with a mild cleaner and cloth. Clean every surface of the cabinet, both inside and out. If your cabinet has ornate finishes, use a toothbrush to clean the moldings.

Remember that most cabinets are a wood product, so you want to avoid over-saturation and ensure that all your surfaces are completely dry before you put your items back on the shelves.

Use Gentle Cleaning Tools

Always use gentle cleaning tools when you’re doing your daily or quarterly cleaning. Avoid rags and sponges that can be full of germs and ineffective.  Scouring pads will ruin your finish, so they should be avoided at all costs! Instead, use soft, lint-free towels such as microfiber options.

Use The Right Cleaners For Each Surface

Equally important to using the right tools is using the right cleaners. Typically all that is required is mild dish soap or ammonia-free glass cleaner. For tougher stains, vinegar will likely remove the mark without causing damage to the paint. If cleaning your appliances, do not allow oven cleaner or harsher chemicals to get on your cabinet, and quickly clean if it does.

Damage Repair

In the unfortunate event that you do damage your cabinets, don’t fret. Most damages can typically be repaired or covered up with a touch-up kit. The best kits are specific to your cabinets and come with tools, paint, and putty to fill holes and scratches while matching your cabinets perfectly.

Repairs that can be performed relatively quickly without having to replace your cabinets include:

  • Paint touch-ups
  • Scratch and hole fillings
  • Hinge replacement
  • Door and drawer hardware updating

Contact your favorite cabinet door supplier in Austin for help finding the kit for your kitchen cabinet door manufacturer.

Keep Cabinets Dry

Cabinets are typically a wood product, whether solid wood ready-to-assemble cabinets or a budget-friendly wood particle box. Therefore, keeping your cabinets dry is crucial to avoid damage and rot. Beyond keeping your counters free of spills, try to prevent leakages by using organizing bins and spill-proof containers. Avoid draping damp cloths over cabinet doors and inspect under your sinks for slow drips regularly.

Place Appliances In A Safe Space

Keep large appliances spaced properly within cabinets to avoid burns and contact damage. If you have smaller appliances on your counter, be careful where you set them. Too much heat or steam will cause excessive moisture and possible burns to surrounding cabinets. When possible, allow for proper clearance and quickly wipe off any steam or splatters after preparing your meals.

Invest in high-quality cabinets

One of the best ways to keep maintenance low for your cabinets is to invest in a high-quality cabinet from the beginning. Better quality products simply look better longer due to their construction and components. At National K&B Cabinetry, we offer solid wood cabinets with beautiful glass features. We also sell specific touch-up kits for your cabinet to make maintenance a breeze.

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen with an all-wood, ready-to-assemble cabinet, let us help you come up with a beautiful wood kitchen cabinet design like our other Austin clients.