How to Match Cabinetry with Countertops

Wooden kitchen cabinetry

Updated kitchens are always in demand for homebuyers. While home decor magazines’ trends are a starting point for discovering which elements are on the rise and which are on the way out, it’s best to learn what real estate companies report are the design features that correlate with sales. 

Ultimately, it will depend on the unique attributes of the local geographic market, but there are some universal techniques home builders should use when deciding upon cabinets and countertops.

Start With Countertops

Almost two-thirds of homeowners have said that islands are the most important feature to them. If islands are the focal feature, it makes sense to start with countertops when designing kitchens since it’s likely that countertops may have either a pattern or a color that will be the basis for all other design decisions made in the kitchen.

Not too long ago, every homeowner was fawning over granite countertops, but within the past few years, quartz has taken over, as it’s easy to maintain, is antimicrobial, and is extremely durable. Quartz’s initial drawback was its lack of color and finish variety, but manufacturers now offer many colors and even some patterns that resemble natural stone. If you decide to go with a pattern – whether you select quartz, marble, granite or another kind of stone – pick a color from the pattern that can be used for the cabinetry. 

Subtle Contrasts

In the homebuilding industry, it’s tempting to want to play it safe. But white countertops paired with white cabinets might be so safe as to be considered boring and uninspiring.

Although a recent trend is to use bold colors for cabinets – blue and even black are some of the newest choices – if your client is more conservative you can still add interest by contrasting lighter and darker shades of the same neutral hue. Play with light and dark contrasts, as it can add drama to the room and yet still come across as striking rather than daring.

Another trend is to use contrasting cabinet colors. For example, the upper cabinets are one shade and the lower cabinets are a different one. Once again, you’ll need to keep the clientele in mind, but a safe way to use this technique is to either choose contrasting shades in the same color family or simply choose two neutral shades to play off each other.

And because islands seem to top home buyers’ lists of what they’re looking for in a kitchen, an ideal way to make the island stand out is to use a slightly darker or bolder cabinetry shade for the island, and let the other cabinets take on a lighter, more neutral tone. 

Are Warm Tones in and White Kitchens Out?

Trends are just guideposts, and it may take some home buyers time to adjust to bolder ideas. Once again, it’s important to research trends in the local market, but always make functional design and the use of durable materials a priority.

Since kitchens are so expensive to renovate, the kitchen you feature in a new or remodeled home should aim to please the homeowner for many years. You can take subtle risks with colors and contrasts, but leave the really bold elements for accents, accessories or even hardware, which can more easily be updated or replaced. The focus for larger elements like countertops and cabinetry should be clean lines and minimalist designs.

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Particleboard vs. Wooden Cabinets

wooden kitchen cabinetryThose looking to build a new home or remodel their existing one are often unsure about which products will provide the best value. When it’s time to design or upgrade their kitchens, they are likely to have questions about the merits of wooden cabinets versus a particleboard alternative. You can help ease their anxiety and guide them to make the right decision by educating them about their options.

Plywood is constructed by gluing sheets of log-cut wood together in a cross-grain pattern. The cross-grain method helps to make plywood more durable than a solid cut of wood. After the wood sheets are pressed into a composite, they are covered with a veneer.

Particleboard is a composite made by binding together wood chips and wood particles with glue or resin. Next, the composite product is made into a wood sheet by using either pressure or a mold. The sheet is then “finished” by using wood veneers, a laminate, or by painting.

Is Wooden Cabinetry Better than Particleboard? Both Offer Advantages As Well As Drawbacks


Plywood will hold both mechanical and glued joints better than particleboard. Glued joints are actually preferable to mechanical fasteners like nails and screws, and that’s why higher-end cabinetry uses glued construction.


Particleboard can be durable if it’s constructed properly. However, it does scratch and dent more easily than plywood, so will not hold up as long as wooden cabinets.


Once again, proper manufacturing can improve particleboard’s strength, but plywood can hold more weight due to the way the individual sheets of wood are interwoven. Wooden cabinetry is also lighter than particleboard, and if you plan to hang large upper cabinets from a soffit, your installation crew will have an easier time moving and maneuvering a plywood box.


Resistance to moisture is especially important in a room where water plays a big role. In the kitchen, water is used frequently – either to cook or wash dishes – and there’s always a risk the sink could leak. But steam from boiling water or even high humidity can also affect the materials used for cabinets. Compared to particleboard, plywood is much more water-resistant, and even though water use could eventually impact wooden cabinets over time, plywood’s structural integrity will remain sound for a longer period than a cabinet made from particleboard. Particleboard is susceptible to swelling or warping in high-moisture environments.

Quality Variation

Particleboard is a product sold based on industry-set quality-control standards. Particle size and density are graded so you always know what you’re getting. There’s no such standardization in plywood construction, and you may run into trouble when the boards are delivered. 

Voids or holes in the plywood can make mechanical joint construction using nails or screws a difficult or near-impossible task. If you were to find holes or voids in the plywood you purchased, you’d need to return it. You’ll also need to return plywood where the grain is running in the wrong direction. If you need to return faulty plywood and wait for a new delivery, that means lost time, and lost time on a construction project equals lost money.


It’s easier to apply finishes to particleboard due to its flat and slick surface, which never needs to be sanded. Plywood has a rougher surface because of grain patterns, so it will be more time-consuming to properly finish wooden cabinets.


The materials used to make particleboard are considered to be waste, so they’re cheaper than using solid sheets of wood. Additionally, the manufacturing process for particleboard is more streamlined, which also brings down the cost.

Plywood is more expensive than particleboard, and usually for good reason. But your customers may be limited by their budgets. It will come down to a conversation between you and your clients to determine whether particleboard or wooden cabinets will provide the most value for their projects.

Overall Assessment

Your client’s budget may well determine which option they lean toward, but with better construction, greater strength, and superior water-resistance, wooden cabinetry will offer superior value.

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Easiest Ways to Maximize Storage in Any Bathroom Space

Your bathroom can easily feel like the most cramped room in the house. Between the sink, bathtub, toilet, and cabinetry, it might seem like you’ve completely run out of space in your bathroom before you’ve even started stocking it with all your necessary toiletries. But thankfully, this isn’t the case. With just a few clever tricks, you can maximize the storage space available in any bathroom, no matter how large or small it may be. 

Make clever use of shelving, choose the right cabinets, and optimize every potential storage space available.

Use Smart Shelving

When you think of shelving, you might imagine huge, hulking bookshelves that take up a lot of space. But in reality, that isn’t always the case. Rather, smart usage of shelving can be an efficient way to save space and maximize your storage capacity. Shelving can help you use areas of your bathroom that might be useless otherwise. 

Think about the space over your toilet; typically, this is completely empty space that doesn’t get put to much use. But if you put a specially-designed shelf over your toilet, you can turn that space into a useful storage area without detracting from the utility of the rest of the room.

Make the Most of a Medicine Cabinet

A mirror above your sink might not seem to be especially useful. You can see your reflection in it, but when it comes to practical uses, it might not seem especially versatile. But if your mirror has a medicine cabinet, you can leverage that to increase your overall storage space in your bathroom. Medicine cabinets are an excellent place to store your miscellaneous toiletries and personal items in your bathroom. 

And even if your mirror doesn’t currently have one, medicine cabinets aren’t difficult or expensive to install. And at any rate, medicine cabinets are worth the investment for the sheer amount of convenience and storage space they offer.

Hang Up Towel Racks

Towels can take up a lot of space if you simply fold them up and stack them in your bathroom. Thankfully, there are a few easy techniques to make them occupy less valuable real estate. 

Consider purchasing a towel rack for your bathroom; not only is it small, tall, and cheap, but it can help you store your towels efficiently. And towel racks are better for drying out your towels effectively than simply folding them up, which can make them susceptible to mold and mildew.

Mount Wall Baskets and Shower Caddies

Wall baskets are an efficient way to store some of your additional toiletries, washcloths, and other small personal items. They’re easy to set up as well; most of them only require a nail or two in your wall for it to hang on. On the same note, shower caddies around your shower faucet can also work wonders. 

Much like wall baskets, they’re an effective place to store little items, especially those that you might use in the shower such as soaps, shampoos, body washes, and conditioners. They’re even easier to install, since all you need to do with these is hook them over your faucet.

Choose the Right Solid Wood Cabinetry

You can save yourself plenty of bathroom storage headaches by choosing the right cabinet size for your needs. A bathroom cabinet is a natural place to store your personal items, and if you choose a size that’s large enough to fit most, if not all of your belongings, you will be able to keep your bathroom constantly clean and organized. 

You’ll want to make sure that you choose a high-quality cabinet made from the best materials so your cabinet can withstand the test of time and keep its contents safe.

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How to Upgrade Your Kitchen Design With Shaker White Cabinets

Across the nation, people are staying home, and many homeowners are considering projects long overdue, including remodeling their kitchens. However, kitchen renovations are expensive – and massively disruptive.

Homeowners can easily and affordably update their space by getting rid of worn, outdated cabinets and replacing them with Shaker white cabinets.

Homeowners Don’t Need To Make A Huge Investment To Make A Big Impact

If homeowners aren’t ready for a complete gut-job or to splurge on new appliances, a simple cabinet do-over can make a kitchen appear to be brand new. And since white goes with everything, they won’t need to worry that their new cabinets will clash with their existing gas range or dishwasher. Changing out cabinets is a quick and economical way to update a kitchen.

Shaker White Cabinets Complement So Many Design Styles

The Shaker style is one that can work with a variety of design aesthetics, like Traditional, Transitional, or Modern. It’s timeless, rather than trendy. Many design trends come and go rather quickly. 

White Shaker cabinets will always make your kitchen look fresh.

And if the homeowner wishes to use accessories to update the space – towels, decorative bowls or vases – the color choices are almost limitless. White Shaker cabinets offer a neutral backdrop that will give a homeowner license to accessorize in a way that showcases her unique style. Another way homeowners can personalize white Shaker cabinetry is to add hardware that matches their overall design preference.

Shaker White Cabinets Make The Room Brighter and Feel Bigger

Everyone needs a little natural light therapy right now, and white cabinetry can certainly help. White reflects light, so all of the sources of natural light in the kitchen and adjoining rooms will be amplified by white cabinets. The added bonus is that homeowners may be able to spend less on electricity to light the room. 

The room will also feel bigger because white helps create the illusion that the space is taller and wider. Rather than knocking down a wall, it’s possible that white cabinets will make the room appear more spacious. 

Shaker White Cabinets Are Easy To Clean

Shaker cabinets have a minimalist design that makes for easier cleaning than cabinets with intricate grooving, ridges, or textures. Homeowners who do a lot of cooking in their kitchens will appreciate how easy it is to wipe off grease and various other kitchen messes.

Typically, it takes only a damp cloth to clean, but tougher spills may require the addition of a small amount of dish soap. Microfiber cloths are ideal for wiping down cabinets.

Shaker White Cabinets Improve Resale Value

It’s not unusual for homeowners to consider resale value when making home improvements. It’s always best to choose a simple design and a neutral color so as not to turn off potential buyers. Sure, white cabinets are trendy these days and their perceived value is not likely to drop anytime soon. But even if their popularity does slip a bit, white is a versatile color and makes a room appear bigger. Versatility and spaciousness are factors that should appeal to a buyer. And the simple, straightforward shaker design is definitely timeless.

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5 Ways to Make Bathrooms More Luxurious Without the Cost

Having a luxurious bathroom is a cost-effective way to improve the look and feel of an entire house, and can be quickly accomplished without a lot of work or added cost by adding new cabinets and storage, installing quick and easy aesthetic upgrades, and choosing the right color scheme. 

Since bathrooms are typically one of the smallest rooms of a home, it’s easy to make a big impression, at an affordable price point. 

1. Choose Cost-Effective Upgrades

Bathroom upgrades have the advantage of being relatively inexpensive. Choosing the lowest-cost options for small items such as faucets and towel bars can often cheapen the look and feel of the entire room. You don’t have to pay for the most expensive choices to make the room feel extravagant, however. Just make sure that the items are cohesive, and don’t have plastic finishes. 

Adding a higher-end shower head can make a big impact, as can small upgrades that are extremely inexpensive. Things like framing the bathroom mirror, rather than leaving it bare create an ambiance while installing a curved shower curtain rather than a straight one will make the bath feel larger. 

2. Lighting Adds Value

Since bathrooms typically have little natural light, and people view themselves in the mirror in their bathroom every day, the lighting you choose is incredibly important. By adding multiple light fixtures and sources, you will instantly make the bathroom seem more elegant and upscale. 

Be sure to choose modern lighting options and not the typical unflattering sconces that are often found in new construction bathrooms. 

3. Choose Colors Wisely

Although colors are a personal preference, certain colors lend themselves well to a spa-like atmosphere of a lavish bathroom. For instance, clean, bright white cabinets can be paired with a countertop that has a marble-like finish and waterproof, faux-wood floors to create a bathroom that feels like a getaway.  

If you are in an area that tends to have a certain type of aesthetic, such as a beachfront neighborhood, you may want to use more daring color combinations, such as grey cabinetry with red or turquoise accents. 

Keep your color choices consistent with the type of home you are choosing them for, but also make sure that the palette is in keeping with high-end options. 

4. Add Storage and Wooden Cabinetry

The more storage a bathroom has, the more luxurious it tends to feel. You can cut down on costs and labor by installing wooden cabinets from a cabinet wholesaler. Since the cabinets are already made, you will be able to finish creating a luxurious bathroom quickly, allowing you to focus on other projects. 

Shelves are another quick and easy way to make a bathroom feel like a spa retreat. Installation takes minutes, and the impact is dramatic. 

5. Pick Finishes that Feel Expensive

You don’t have to choose between the cheap look and feel of laminate countertops and the high cost but luxurious look of marble. You can install quartz countertops and surfaces for a fraction of the cost of marble or other natural stone, while still getting the same luxurious look, feel, and durability.

Similarly, you can add small touches in a bathroom that feel opulent, but don’t have to be expensive. Choose real metal hardware, rather than plastic, even if it’s not the highest quality. Use tile strategically, in order to make an impact, rather than in large areas, which costs more and is very labor-intensive. 

Wholesale Cabinets from National Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry

Wholesale cabinets from National Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry are high quality, solid wood, semi-custom cabinets that we import directly from our own manufacturing facility, allowing us to eliminate the middleman and offer the best possible prices to our customers. Because we have complete control over our manufacturing process, we ensure that our quality is consistent, and our showroom and warehouse is well stocked, boasting over 30,000 square feet of selection at unbeatable prices.