6 Pitfalls of Buying Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most crucial elements to consider when planning a new or remodeled kitchen. Homeowners and their families look at this storage each and every day. The top location for custom cabinetry Austin has to offer is weighing in to help builders and homeowners avoid these common pitfalls.  

“The last thing you want is to skimp on quality in the kitchen. RTA wood cabinets offer reasonable pricing and custom design without compromising on quality.”


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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

There are a number of potentially disastrous hiccups that can occur when the wrong cabinets show up in the kitchen. These roadblocks can lead to costly mistakes and frustrating delays. 

#1 Selecting Cheap and Poor Quality Cabinets

Top-quality cabinetry is a requirement for the kitchen that stands the test of time. The best RTA cabinets are made of solid wood and manufactured to last. 

How can you tell high-quality cabinets and drawers from poor-quality cabinetry? Here are a few questions to ask yourself and guidelines to look for as you shop for potential cabinets.

Be sure to find solid wood options, not a mix of materials such as particle board or compressed wood. 

Check how well the cabinet doors close. Do they slam with a bang or do they come ready with soft close settings? Are the hinges adjustable?

Do the same for the drawers. Do they glide easily or feel flimsy or shaky? Examine the dovetail joint quality. Is it firmly secured with no wiggle? 

Don’t forget the shelves! Are they at least ¾ of an inch thick? Are the edges banded for protection?

The last thing you want is to skimp on quality in the kitchen. RTA wood cabinets offer reasonable pricing and custom design without compromising on quality. 

#2 Measuring Incorrectly

Accurate dimensions are critical for planning a kitchen layout. You must know exactly what goes where and how each individual piece will fit together. Cabinets that are mismatched or not properly aligned cannot be squeezed into a space they weren’t designed for. 

Avoid scrapping the whole set and having to start over by accurately measuring the space and each cabinet section. It’s possible to save time and money while still buying custom cabinetry. Austin-based cabinet manufacturers, National K&B Cabinetry, have a wide array of RTA kitchen cabinets to fit seamlessly into any project.

#3 Wasted Storage Space

Plan the cabinet layout strategically to adequately accommodate wiring and plumbing. These fixtures are bulky and can take up valuable storage space. 

Use configurations that incorporate built-in wine storage, small appliance storage and lift, trash and recycling centers, blind corner swing-outs, base cabinet pullouts, filler pullouts, and other drawer accessories to maximize space usage. 

#4 Finish Elements That Are Bad For Your Health

Not all stain finishes are created equal. Many include chemicals that are harmful and compromise air quality. Our ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets use one of the leading brands of stain finish and solid maple wood facings that are highly rated for indoor air quality.

#5 Mixed Frame Styles

Cabinet construction comes in two different forms: framed cabinets and frameless cabinets. They each have their merits but don’t work well together. Frameless cabinets offer more flexibility and accessibility as the doors are not built into the frame. 

#6 Outdated Designs

Trends come and go in rapid succession. But there are some tried and true designs that will never go out of style. You want to create a cohesive look that matches your aesthetic but also contributes to the value and future salability of the home. RTA kitchen cabinets offer a wide range of styles to suit any design and outlast shaky trends. 

Kitchen Cabinet Shopping Tips To Get It Right

Here’s how to set your kitchen design or remodel project up for success! 

Set A Feasible Budget with Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

Every kitchen’s needs are as unique as the family that uses it. Some will have wine storage and mixer lifts while others will need blind corner wing outs and garbage stations.  

These choices will affect the budget. Even the most complex designs can still be achieved without breaking the bank when you choose RTA kitchen cabinets. 

Get Help!

With all the measuring and style options, a kitchen build or remodel can be overwhelming. You don’t have to measure or configure a kitchen on your own. Recruit a design or installation professional to help you easily create a successful space. 

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