Best Design Elements to Incorporate in New Construction Kitchens

The best design elements to incorporate in new construction kitchens are ones that appeal to the majority of people, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with completely neutral styles. 

Trends popping up for 2020 include many exciting options that are perfect to include in both new construction kitchens and kitchen remodels. 

Universally Popular Styles

Universally popular styles tend to include tried-and-true options that are visually appealing and functional. Some universally popular styles include farmhouse style cabinetry and fixtures, a modern, minimalist aesthetic, and oak wood cabinetry. 

Because these styles can all be quickly changed by switching up the decor and paint, they are usually well-liked by homebuyers and have been favorites of construction companies for years. 

Modern Sinks and Faucets

While many kitchen trends stay the same for a long period of time, we are seeing less and less double bowl sinks. Instead, modern kitchens favor large, single basin sinks, or multiple sinks around the kitchen. Faucets are being updated too, with upgraded integrated sprayers, incorporated filters, and even motion-sensing styles.  

Transitional Styling

Transitional styling combines modern and traditional aesthetics and is a great way to put a look together with what a customer already has. Whether you are putting in traditional cabinets with modern fixtures and lighting or adding in minimalist cabinets or open shelving with traditional furniture and decor, transitional styling makes it all look new and fresh. When you are combining many types of elements together, it’s easy to make everything appear pulled together. 

This example in our showroom, for instance, takes a modern backsplash and sleek light fixtures paired with more traditional, neutral cabinet designs. The overall style is simple enough to fit just about anyone’s tastes but is miles beyond beige.

Solid Wood Cabinetry

Solid wood cabinetry never goes out of style, and it should be one of the first things considered in a new construction kitchen. While countertop options, paint colors, and even flooring come in and out of vogue, you can’t go wrong with solid wood cabinetry. 

Check out our gallery to see how our cabinets can elevate a kitchen and makes the whole home seem more decadent and luxurious. 

Modern Storage Solutions 

Smart home technology continues to evolve, and that means homes need to evolve with it. Hidden charging stations, device stands, and even incorporated speakers and screens are all trending in 2020. 

Modern storage solutions are always welcomed by home buyers, and with all of the new technology available, new storage options continue to pop up. 

Appliances that Blend In

While sleek stainless steel appliances may never truly go out of style, more and more homeowners are looking for appliances that blend in rather than stand out. Of course, this doesn’t mean making the kitchen or bath all one solid color! 

Options include ordering panels to match the cabinetry or matching appliances by type; stainless steel appliances with a stainless steel countertop, or black appliances with sleek charcoal gray cabinetry

LED Under Cabinet Lighting 

Under-cabinet lighting will make your entire kitchen look classier and more expensive, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot. LED lighting options make under cabinet lighting a breeze. 

You can get a huge variety of options, and some of the lighting choices can even be incorporated into your smart-home hub so that you can control them via wifi, your phone, or by voice control. You should consider putting different types of lighting, such as strips or pucks, in different places depending on what parts of the cabinetry and kitchen you want to emphasize. 

Wholesale Wood Cabinets 

National Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry offers wholesale wood cabinets for incredible prices. We have many styles and colors in stock and have a fantastic turnaround time for custom orders.

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